Ms. Erkan’s broad marketing and managerial experience in world’s top-notch multinational FMCG and B2B companies have qualified her to assume this very responsibility across a diverse geography (in 7 different countries). She did not only convey the marketing theory in an energizing and creative manner, but it was all state-of-the-art in interactivity, role-playing and reinforcing components, which leveraged the learning of our marketeers and enabled the learning to be transitioned into real-life practice.

NİHAN CİVELEK BOZKURT, 3M CEEMEA Area Marketing Competency & Talent Development Manager

It did not take us a long time to decide on the “right person” when we met Yapıncak as we searched for a consultant with a vision, experience we could trust, high energy and dynamism. Since 2013, we are planning and structuring our new projects with her year on year. Our initial project was to create an international brand in our glassware business, which has a heritage of 20 years with the sixth largest table glassware production capacity in the world. We felt we had a very strong marketing consultant, who steered us in the process with her realistic approach and guiding style. We have already reached 96% brand awareness with LAV in the local market and more is yet to come in other markets. I am confident that we will create new success stories with Yapıncak in our upcoming projects in other industries, such as hospitality, as well.

ESİN GÜRAL ARGAT, Gürallar Group Co-Chairman of Board & CEO

Yapıncak was an inspirational keynote speaker at our Annual Sales and Marketing Meeting for Siemens Industry after our organisational restructure. She brought our management team a new vision as to how sales and marketing should carry different roles within an organisation, even in a b2b, industrial context. The way she connected with the audience was very engaging and challenging as a strong marketeer.

ALİ RIZA ERSOY, Siemens AG Turkey Deputy General Manager

Yapıncak is like a Marketing Q&A Bank…She is our marketing consultant, who is great fun to work with, whilst she teaches and challenges us a lot in our decision making. She is, after several years, more than a consultant to us and plays the role of a team coach as well. Looking at the success of our new brand, Lav in table glassware, it is without doubt that we made the right decision to work with her from the very beginning!

MERVE ATİS, Lav Marketing Manager

I’ve had the chance to witness Yapincak’s performance as a lecturer while she taught a graduate level marketing course in the Master Program in Marketing Communications, A.K.A. the Brand School. She demonstrated a very well structured approach for delivering the learning outcomes of the course. She had been very effective in her teaching methods and she successfully managed to engage students with the course material. Her students were a happy bunch and they refer to her as a dedicated mentor. I would strongly recommend Yapincak as a perfect candidate for any position involving lecturing and training in the field of marketing.

DR.KAAN VARNALI, Associate Professor of Marketing, Founding Director of BrandSchool, Istanbul Bilgi University

I worked with Yapincak while I was trying to make a big transition in our agency. We started our work by agreeing on the expectations from a team coaching workshop for the management team. We had a three-day session with her, full of group activities and self-reflection. The workshop was inspiring, fun and created self-awareness both at a group and individual level. I believe the way she managed the struggling moments, the healthy tensions that surfaced via the exercises was impressive. She stayed calm and everything was on time, regardless of how sometimes discussions took longer than they should. After the workshop, people were more understanding with each other, thus solving conflicts at an earlier stage and without resentments. This was a long lasting outcome, which I had wished for, but didn’t really expect at such a level.

ELA GÖKKAN SAVCI, CEO, Mullenlowe Istanbul
Yapıncak worked with us in our Kia CRM project as a Senior Marketing Consultant. The way she built relations with the project team and the customer showed her strong leadership capabilities, trustworthiness and balanced approach. She has strong expertise in offline and online marketing communications as well as data driven marketing and campaign development. Her strategic and analytical thinking is sharp, providing insight into the design of customer strategies with high value and a long- term vision.
SANEM OKTAR ÖĞÜT, directComm Founding Partner
Our start-up was selected to participate in The Turkish Software Association Training and Incubator Program in 2014 and we received six months of consultancy on various topics. Ms. Erkan was an invaluable resource for us as a Marketing Consultant just like she was to the other twelve start-ups on the program. As an experienced engineering team, her knowledge and guidance was what we were lacking to commercialize our project. We can say that she played a key role in our success. I definitely recommend tech start-ups to work with her.
FERHUN ACUNER, Founder & CEO, Dynarules
We have been working with Ms.Erkan in our Central & East Europe, Middle East & Africa Region since 2015 under the Academy-M Marketing Training Program to build marketing competency. She has designed the content of and delivered all four of the training modules to our marketing & sales teams. It is remarkable how she has consistently received high assessment scores for each module in this diverse geography. Her high ownership and commitment have paved the way for our collaboration for a second-run of the Academy-M Training Program, starting from 2017 onwards.
ATTILA KIS, 3M CEEMEA Area Leader, Business Transformation